AS30 Binaural 30 Segment LED DIY Kit Music Spectrum VU Meter

AS30 Binaural 30 Segment LED DIY Kit Music Spectrum VU Meter

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    Product Description

    Dual Channel AS30 Binaural 30 Segment LED DIY Kit Music Spectrum VU Meter

    Product Size:

    Without housing: 2.5 x 12 x 1.3cm (L x W x H) With housing: 3.1 x 12. x 1.9cm (L x W x H) LED projection display section dimensions: 7. x 2.0cm (H x W) Input voltage: DC 5V dual-channel audio input

    AS30 there are six kinds of classic display mode, key settings, settings with memory function.

    Mode 1: Columnar Mode Mode 2: Columnar with floating point mode Mode 3: Columnar with floating point, floating point up out of the mode Mode 4: Single point mode Mode 5: Single point with floating point up out of the mode Mode : single floating point mode


    1, Connect the USB cable into the computer USB port and 3.5mm headphone 2, Please adjust the input volume, gain adjustment will be displayed with the amplitude control to the appropriate range, the gain in addition to special under special circumstances of small volume, set to 1 level is the best; 3, The base is the breathing light, when the music stopped, breathing light will stop breathing;

    Software upgrade instructions:

    AS30 software upgrade V2 version, upgrade content: 1, an increase of 10 level speed adjustment function, you can adjust according to their own preferences to the speed of their own, it can be suitable for all kinds of music.(3 level) in the video. 2, 3 increase in the level of gain adjustment, high school three.

    Key use method:(Adjust to bring out the memory of the memory Click: mode adjustment Long by 1 second: 10 speed adjustment, the left top of the LED will correspond to show that the more 1-10 the more slowly Long press 3 seconds: 3 gain adjustment, the right side of the top LED will correspond to display, 1, 2, 3, respectively, on behalf of low, medium and high gain

    Note: The old version and new version will random delivery.

    Package included:

    1  x Music Spectrum VU Meter Kit

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