DIY WS2812 Wearable RGB LED Crystal Energy Ring Kit

DIY WS2812 Wearable RGB LED Crystal Energy Ring Kit

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    Product Description

    DIY WS2812 Wearable RGB LED Crystal Energy Ring Kit


    ?? use of 28 highlight RGB full color SMD LED production.
    ?? black 7CM x 7CM material of PCB board.
    ?? two dozen gradient, random breath tailing effects, etc..
    ??3 mm thick translucent black acrylic front panel, making the colors more soft, to prevent excessive glare.
    ?? have power and memory function, time display mode on automatic memory, without repeated switching.

    Mode List:

    1, Outward diffusion gradient Aurora LED mode 2, Clockwise change color of water droplets tailing effect (From head to tail of each LED brightness varies) 3, Anticlockwise water droplets tailing 4, Layer by layer fade gradually eliminate change color 5, Each ring LED full-color gradient , Random LED lightning mode 7, Random 4 LED alternately breathing transformation 8, "Y" rotation (Like the English letter Y) 9, Random layer and color breathing 10, Three laps LED full-color gradient 11, Clockwise color effect  water droplets tailing 12, Internal and external diffusion LED Aurora gradient mode  13, Rainbow gradient mode 14, A LED color random breath 15, A variety of all LED breathing patterns  1, Constantly changing color of water droplets tailing 17, Random full light and Random Off 18, Random four color breathing effect 19, Random color exterminate 20, All LED full-color gradient 21, Random 7of all LED after getting brighter gradually eliminate 22, Random two color water droplets tailing (Similar The Bagua Zhen) 23, Random 4 LED's "stars" effect

    Package included:

    1 x DIY Wearable RGB LED Crystal Energy Ring Kit  

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