NE555 + CD4017 LED Flash DIY Kit 3-5V Light LED Module

NE555 + CD4017 LED Flash DIY Kit 3-5V Light LED Module

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    NE555 + CD4017 LED Flash DIY Kit 3-5V Light LED Module


    Power supply voltage: 3-5V PCB Size: 88 x 25mm This kit is not included instruction.


    This kit is made up main circuit and decimal counter circuit, from the core of the self-excited NE555 multivibrator power through R2, R3, R4 charge the capacitor C1, C1 started when charging , NE555 2 feet still in low, so the output pin 3 goes high when power through R2, R3, R4 to charge C1 to 2/3 of the supply voltage , the output pin 3 level from high to low , NE555 conducting internal discharge , capacitor C1 through R4, R3, NE555 7 feet discharge until the voltage across C1 is less than 1 /3 of the supply voltage , NE555 and 3 feet level from low to high . C1 and charge again this cycle oscillations formed . Charging time : 0.95 (R2 + R3 + R4) C1, discharge time : 0.95 (R4 + R3) C1, R4 can be adjusted to control the output frequency of the oscillator , the oscillation clock signal is applied continuously NE555 CD4017 14 feet , the output terminal 10 is connected with the CD4017 10 LED, when the output terminal 10 turns CD4017 generated clock signal is applied at a high level , the D1 – D10 are sequentially lit to form a water -light effect . You can adjust the flow rate adjustment R4 LED lights .

    Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to assembly it. This kit is not included the instruction.

    Package included:

    1 x NE555 + CD4017 LED Flash DIY Kit

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