UNO R3 Starter Kit For Arduino 1602 LCD Servo Ultrasonic Motor L

UNO R3 Starter Kit For Arduino 1602 LCD Servo Ultrasonic Motor L

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    Product Description

    UNO R3 Starter Kit For Arduino 102 LCD Servo Ultrasonic Motor LED Relay RTC

    Part List:  
    1. 1 xMainboard +1 x USB cable(0.5m Length)
    2. 1 x GPIO Extension Board + 1 x Connecting Cable
    3. 1 x Breadboard(830 Points)
    4. 1 x Mini Breadboard+1 x Extension board 
    5. 10 x 3mm Red LEDs
    . 10 x 3mm Green LEDs
    7. 10 x 3mm Yellow LEDs
    8. 1 x 5mm RGB LED
    9. 5 x Button with Cap
    10. 10 x 330 ohm Resistor
    11. 10 x 1k ohm Resistor
    12. x 10k ohmResistor
    13. 1 x 1K Adjustable Trim Pot Resistor (Potentiometer)
    14. 1 x 10K Adjustable Trim Pot Resistor (Potentiometer)
    15. 1 x 2.54mm Elbow 40 Pin Header
    1. 1 x 2.54mm Straight 40 Pin Header
    17. 1 x 551 LDR (Potentiometer)
    18. 1 x Ball switch
    19. 1 x Active Buzzer 5V
    20. 1 x Passive Buzzer 5V
    21. 1 x 74HC595 8bit Shift Register
    22. 1 x LM35 Temperature Sensor
    23. 1 x SS8050 NPN Transistor
    24. 1 x 1838 Infrared Receiver
    25. 1 x Infrared Sender
    2. 1 x Infrared Phototransistor(Flame Sensor)
    27. 1 x Infrared Remote controller(Battery Not Included)
    28. 1 x Stepper Motor
    29. 1 x SG90 Servo motor
    30. 1 x 102 LCD
    31. 1 x 1-Digit Eight-segment Display
    32. 1 x 4-Digit Eight-segment Display
    33. 1 x 8*8 Dot Matrix Led Display
    34. 1 x Stepper Motor Driver Board
    35. 1 x Sound Sensor Module
    3. 1 x PS2 Joystick module
    37. 1 x RTC module(Battery Not Included)
    38. 1 x Relay Module(5V-10A)
    39. 5 x Jump Wires
    40. 10 x Female-Female Dupont wires
    41. 10 x Male-Female Dupont wires
    42. 1 x 9V Battery Holder(Battery not included)
    43. 1 x HC-SR04 Module
    Designed for Arduino Beginners, with Uno R3 board
    There are some electronic modules,you will more interested during learning procedure
    Provide learning lessons and technique support. You will know more about Arduino when you are assembling these modules
    Many kind of components, like resistors, LEDs, buzzers,infrared receivers and so on
    Provide learning lessons and technique support. If you meet any problem during learning, never hesitate to ask for support. You can learn a lot about Arduino Programming and other electronic knowledge from this kit
    Size of Package:L*W*H/2*19*4cm/10.23*7.48*1.57''

    Package included:

    1 x UNO R3 Starter Kit

    Customer Reviews:

    by s***a
    Date Added: 06/20/2021
    Very short

    Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]


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