Thermometer Clock Voltage 3 in 1 Tester DIY LED Electronic Moudl

Thermometer Clock Voltage 3 in 1 Tester DIY LED Electronic Moudl

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    Thermometer Clock Voltage 3 in 1 Tester DIY LED Electronic Moudle


    Wide operating voltage support, can work in 5 – 20V (5V can be lit, but digital control might flickering, especially blue, it is recommended above 5.5V power supply). CAUTION Do not over-voltage, this version can not use more than 20V to the terminal.

    With a voltmeter function, can measure the voltage of power supply, 8V or more voltage can display normally, the effective range is 8 ~ 20V, with measure voltage error correction function, setting range is -0.5V ~ 0.5V.

    Total of six kinds of display modes, ?? Only time display  ?? Only date diaplay   ?? Only RT0 temperature diaplay   ?? only RT1 temperature display   ?? Only voltage display   ?? Time, RT0 temperature, RT1 temperature, voltage, alternating display (Note : Under alternating display mode, can be defined by dd option to display items. (dd: 0) Time + RT0 + RT1 + voltage, (dd: 1) Time + RT0 + RT1, (dd: 2) Time + RT0 + voltage, (dd: 3) Time + voltage)

    Two channel temperature display, the display range is -55 ~ 130 . And both of them are with a temperature error correction setting function, the setting range is -5 ~ 5 . (Note: The probe is not waterproof, do not put it in the water, or rain.

    With 24-hour timekeeping error correction setting function, you can set correct time error once every 24 hours, setting range is -9 to 9 seconds. (Note: For this feature to work, required 24 hours of continuous power supply, that is, 24 hours working time can only once error correction)

    Using DS1302 chip timing. With high-precision crystal 5PPM and precise timing error is small.

    Package includes:

    1 x LED Electronic Moudle

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