5Pcs MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module MCU LED Control Module Kit For Ar

5Pcs MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module MCU LED Control Module Kit For Ar

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    Product Description

    5Pcs MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module MCU LED Control Module Kit For Arduino


    A single module can drive an 8 x 8 common cathode lattice Operating voltage: 5V Size: 5 x 3.2 x 1.5 cm (L x W x H) LED color: Red With four screws hole, aperture 3mm With input and output interfaces, supports multiple modules cascade

    Wiring instructions:

    1. The module left side as an input port and the output port on the right 2. To control a single module, just connect the input port to the CPU 3. When cascading multiple modules, the input port of the first module connect to the CPU, the output port connect to the input port of the second one, and so on.

    In the case of 51 MCU:

    VCC → 5V GND → GND DIN → P22 CS → P21 CLK → P20


    1. VCC and GND is not reversed, it would burn the chip! 2. When the 51 microcontroller P0 port controlling, must be connected to the pull-up resistor, it is recommended that the resistance of 4.7K–10K 3. Please install lattice into the round hole first, and then insert the round hole to PCB board and weld. Face the side of lattice with words, from left to right pin order is 12345. PCB board 1st pin is square pad! 4. Electrolytic capacitors long-pin as positive, short-pin as negative; ceramic capacitor hsa no positive and negative points

    Package included:

    5 x LED module 5 x Dupont line (5P-20cm)

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