YWRduino UNO Compatible Control Board Mega328 Chip For Arduino

YWRduino UNO Compatible Control Board Mega328 Chip For Arduino

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    YWRduino UNO Compatible Control Board Mega328 Chip For Arduino


    YWRduino is made by YwRobot Studio, is fully compatible with the Arduino control board. Based Duemilanove design, fully compatible with IDE and made multiple improvements.

    Improvement projects are as follows:

    1, Using low-altitude DC socket, will not touch the upper shield. 2, Lateral reset button, even though uses the Shield, you can also easily complete the reset. 3, USB interfaces change to miniUSB, reduced height, to avoid a short circuit in contact with the Shield. 4, Separate 3.3V power chip, can provide 500ma current. 5, All power supply filter capacitor are using tantalum electrolytic capacitor , more stable. , Add 5V, 3.3V power switching function, compatible with both level mode. 7, USB chip using FT232RL, excellent compatibility, high stability. 8, AD converter power supply added filter inductor, so that a more stable analog data acquisition. 9, Colorful pin holder, convenient to identify the interface functions, red for power, yellow for the digital port, blue for the analog interface. 10, Optimize the layout design and component placement.


    Size: 70 x 54mm Input voltage: No need external power or external 7V ~ 12V DC input when connected to USB Output voltage: 5V DC output and 3.3V DC output and external power input Support USB interface protocol and power supply (no need external power supply) Uses SCM Atmel Atmega328AU Flash: 32KB (of which 2KB used Bootloader) SRAM: 2KB EEPROM: 1KB Speed: 1MHz Support ISP download function Supports MCU TX / RX terminal Support AREF terminal Digital I / O digital input / output terminal of 0 to 13 Analog I / O Analog input / output of 0 to 5 (reserved ,7) Support Six groups PWM terminal (Pin11, Pin10, Pin9, Pin, Pin5, Pin3)

    Package includes:

    1 x YWRduino UNO Compatible Control Board

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